Vaccines May Contribute to Climate Change

Investigative journalist Philip Osborne exposes the link between the vaccine and climate industries, through insightful storytelling.

Halix factory
Halix vaccination factory in Netherlands

An independently-funded think tank in the Netherlands, run by oceanographer Carl Vanherlin found that increasing vaccination of farmed fish has raised ocean temperature by .01 degrees Celsius due to increased water turbidity and corresponding albedo. This increase, however minuscule, has the potential for far-reaching implications in climatological policies implemented in international waters, according to a spokesman for the U.N. who preferred to remain anonymous.

Fish in seaweed
un-vaxxed fish swim among seaweeds

So, think twice before chowing down on that delicious roasted salmon, it could be increasing your carbon footprint by greater CO2-equivalent emissions than a hamburger-style sandwich. Doctor Olivia Hamstead, a vegetarian at the College of Dietary Medicine at the Institute of Science in Honolulu, opined that it may be better for people to maintain carbon neutrality by limiting total consumption to such nutritional and traditional foods as seaweed and quinoa, or else to eat as much as possible without exercising, and to refuse cremation in order to become a permanent carbon sequestration device.

Dr. Hamstead
Dr. Oliva Hamstead, giving a lecture at the Institute of Science in Honolulu in 2008 (supplied photo)

However, the second option could place additional strain on an already over-burdened healthcare system and front line health professionals, studies have shown. Influencers and lawmakers around the globe agree with the majority scientific consensus, and are undertaking media education efforts to curb the spread of viral misinformation and flatten the curve of climate events.

a hamburger
A bovine-inspired German sandwich

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