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Philtech Procedures

Transparency and accountability are of paramount importance for leadership. For this reason, the Philtech Standard Operating Procedures, current to the indicated date, are freely available. The Philtech philosophy is that there is a correct and proper way to accomplish any task, which may be codified.

Privacy Policy

Philtech [Electric | Enterprises] collects information from clients and third parties for the purpose of informing Philtech, facilitating interactions with individual clients or third parties, which includes creating and maintaining profiles, processing and fulfilling orders, advertising and promotions, and detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. The information that may be collected includes name, title, telephone number, address/postal code, email address, and a record of all transactions and interactions. Collected information is not shared outside Philtech except with the express or implied consent of the client or third party, except when required to prevent unlawful activities. A client or third party may request access to the information contained in their profile by filling out Form SP-C3. Individuals have the right to correct or notate their personal information. Questions or concerns about personal information or this privacy policy may be directed to the Philtech Privacy Commissioner.

Sample Identification Cards

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Form SP-C3 - Access Personal Information

Form SP-C5 - Jobsite Access Authorization

Form SP-C33 - Procedures Order

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