Philtech Enterprises

Philtech Enterprises has a broad mandate. At this time it represents the interests of the citizens of Fort McMurray to the agents of various incorporations located or operating within this municipality. Its modus operandi is to provide valuable feedback to such agents, in the form of targeted, specific, and on-going verbal and written communications. The goal is general societal improvement through individual paradigm shifts. Philtech Enterprises is fundamentally the idea that one person is not better or more important than any other person, and that each person occupies a unique and essential position in relation to others. It recognizes that a third party is required to mediate and repair failed interpersonal communication caused by the misunderstanding of who a person is and what one's role is in relation to others. Philtech Enterprises is thus a vehicle for anyone to properly address a policy whose enforcement is obstructive or restrictive to the fundamental idea.

Public Appearances